We are moving away from abbreviations at our church. These may save a little bit of time, but are insider focused and unhelpful for making guests feel welcomed.

If you are communicating on a church platform [Worship Extreme, Database], then dropping down the full name is sufficient

e.g. ‘Kids’ in context is sufficient instead of ‘Engadine Anglican Kids Ministry’.

→ Engadine Anglican or Engadine (in context) [Not EAC]

→ Heathcote Anglican or Heathcote (in context) [Not HAC]

→ Engadine & Heathcote Anglican or Church Family or Parish (in context) [Not HEAC, EHAC, Heathcote Engadine Anglican]

→ 9am Gathering or 9am Church [Not E9, 9am Service, 9am Congregation]

→ 10:45am Gathering or 10:45am Church [Not E10:45, 10:45am Service, 10:45am Congregation]

→ Night Church or 6pm Gathering [Ideally not NC6]

→ Heathcote Gathering or Heathcote Church or 9:30am Church [Not H9:30]


Engadine, Heathcote & Parish logos in black and white.



Font called Brandon Text


For each artwork, what is needed:

  • 4x3 Design (For Engadine Screen)

  • 16x9 Design (For Engadine Foyer TV + Heathcote Screens + Printed Handouts)

  • 16x9 Background with no text (For Website Homepage)

  • opt. 3x1 Banner (For Front of Engadine + Heathcote sites)

  • opt. 3x2 Postcards


Would be great to upload photos here for future use!

To Upload:


p: Ask Ben for password

To access photos for marketing:

Ask Ben and a share link will be given

Google Photos


The core & extra styles slides for our regular church services.