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P&A Seminar: Polygamy

Join other HEACers for the next P&A Seminar on Polygamy, with speaker Phillip Jensen.

  • 6:00-7:00pm Dinner with HEACers (Thai  @ Newtown) $10
  • Or: 6:30-7:00pm Coffee & cake @ Moore
  • 7:00-9:00pm Talk + Q&A

Cost: $10 per person. Registration is now open. Pre-registration necessary.

Details: https://paa.moore/

The importance of thinking about Polygamy

Our society is going through challenges to its bioethical and sexual foundations as those who have rejected Christ keep pushing the envelope. Polygamy is the next cab off the rank.

  • Already there has been some subtle, and non-too subtle, softening up for it with TV shows making the unthinkable thinkable (Big Love, Sister Wives).

  • Already the Bible’s apparent acceptance of polygamy is being used against Christian monogamy.

  • Apologists for changes to marriage argue that we have changed other parts of Bible teaching e.g. polygamy, why not homosexuality?

  • Already the hypocrisy of serial polygamy is being used to question our sincerity.

  • Can we genuinely be multicultural and deny Muslims the right to polygamy or do we have to become like India with two different laws about multiple marriages?

These are not questions that are going to disappear but grow and we would be wise to start serious consideration of what the Bible is – and is not – teaching about polygamy.

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