We do not have “formal” membership at our church. Rather, every person who accepts Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour, is a member of God’s family, and hence a member of our church family. It is the privilege and responsibility of every member to use the gifts God has given them to build up and reach out, including serving on Sundays and financial giving.

To help us “build up each other and reach out to the world”, we have some ministry staff. They are followers of Jesus who are set-aside from normal secular work to lead our church. If you have any questions about Jesus, our church or just life in general, please say hi after church, or arrange to meet up for a coffee during the week.


James Warren

Senior Minister. Engadine 9am + 10:45am.

James became a Christian at the end of high school. He considers it an immense privilege to lead such an amazing staff team and gospel-minded members, and is passionate about being a “sending church”. James loves hanging out at Cronulla with his wife Di and 3 adult kids.



Michael Dodd

Engadine 6pm + Heathcote 9:30am. Send Out (MTS program)

Michael (or Doddsy) studied surveying at UNSW before theological study at Moore College. Michael loves preparing and teaching God’s word to all ages, and thinking about how the Scriptures reform and refine how we do church together. He is married to Christina with 3 young kids.




Kids + Young Families. Reach Out

Once an Architect, Ian is always full of creative ideas, and longs for every kid and family in 2233 to hear about Jesus. In his spare time, Ian is an avid bike rider, and attempts a few triathlons each year! Ian and his wife Megan have 3 young kids. Ian is also overseeing Youth, before Dan starts in 2020.


DB alt.jpg

Dan Bishop

Youth (Starting 2020)

Dan (with his wife Shannon and 3 young kids) is currently a student at Moore College and evangelist with Two Ways Ministries. Dan grew up in Queensland and Jannali. He loves youth ministry, having worked at Youth Works Outdoors, MTS at Jannali Anglican and recently led the planting of a new youth group at Church@ThePeak.

Click here to meet Dan


Michelle Mellows

Scripture (SRE) Co-ordinator and Office Manager

Michelle became a Christian through school Scripture and so is very passionate about leading our huge SRE ministry with 7 primary schools and nearly 1500 kids per week. She also works in our Office keeping everything running smoothly.



Marg Chapman

Office Manager

Marg grew up in a Macedonian family and came to know Jesus at uni. She is a wonderful gift to our church with her warm personality and excellent organisation skills. With Michelle, Marg keeps the logistics of the whole church running smoothly.


Martins alt.jpg

Angus and Olivia Martin

Student ministers (Sunday youth leaders)

Angus and Olivia grew up in rural NSW and then moved to UNSW for uni, where they also trained as Ministry Apprentices. Now studying at Moore College with baby Ted, they join us on Sundays, with a particular focus on training our Sunday youth leaders and 10-12 youth.