Sunday gatheringS


We know it can be hard visiting somewhere new!

We’ve got four different meetings on a Sunday, but they all have the same relaxed, but serious feel. You can wear what you like and stay for as long or as little as you want.

When you come, you’ll be greeted at the door by our friendly welcomers, so you can ask them any questions. Once seated in the auditorium, you can expect the gathering to go around an hour. We’ll sing. We’ll pray. We’ll hear the Bible read and explained. Feel free to simply sit back and see what we are on about.

After the meeting, you’re invited to stay for a coffee and a chat.

We're a diverse bunch of people from all different backgrounds. Many of us are Christians, others are still working it out. There is no pressure to believe, just space to think out who Jesus is for yourself. We’d love to meet you.



On Sundays, we love having lots of kids and youth join us in all our gatherings!

Kids - We have age-appropriate programs for kids running the same time as our morning churches (9am + 10:45am at Engadine & 9:30am at Heathcote), as well as ‘cry rooms’ where you can feed babies.

Youth - Many youth come to bible studies on Sunday morning (Engadine 9 & 10:45, Yr 7-9) and Sunday afternoons (Yr 10-12), and then are part of our big night church (Engadine 6pm) with all their youth leaders and many other young and older adults.


Our Times & Locations

27 Oliver St, heathcote

9:30am (with kids programs)

4 Waratah St, Engadine

9am (with kids + youth programs)

10:45am (with kids + youth programs)