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Whole Team

Our vision: For the glory of Jesus, we build up each other and we reach out to the world, through the God's word and prayer.

As kids leaders we want to be committed to serving Jesus and our kids, by being there each week and always leading in a safe way.


9AM Kids Church Leaders meet from 8:40 - 10:15am each sunday during school term.

If you can't make it or are not feeling up to doing a segment please message Ben (0403 025 863).


10:45AM Kids Church Leaders meet from 10:45 - 12:15pm each sunday during school term.

If you can't make it or are not feeling up to doing a segment please message Heather (0412 983 073).


All kids leaders have a combined training night at the beginning of each term. TBA Date & Location.

For those in Years 9 - 12, there is an fantastic, annual 4 day camp called Leaders in Training in the National Park too!


Day Co-ordinator

Throughout Week:

 - Early in the week check everyone is feeling comfortable for their role / ask if they would like help 

 - Text out the team so everyone is on board with how kids church will run.

On Sunday:

 - Outline and pray for the morning in the brief

 - Stand up front to welcome / settle kids as they walk into kids church

 - opt. Ask what people got up to on Saturday [e.g. watched a movie, played soccer, had a party]

 - opt. Ask if anyone had a birthday that week

 - opt. Play a short game related to the weekly main point [e.g. Simon says, Bullrush, Mr Wolf, Celebrity Heads, Hangman, Ninja/Stomp, Silent Ball, Musical Chairs, Tip]

 - opt. Tell a story / joke related to the weekly main point

 - Reflect on the morning, discuss & pray for next week in the debrief


Song [5 min]

Throughout Week:

 - Typically you stick with the song designated on the roster

 - During the week try memorise the lyrics and learn / make up any actions

On Sunday:

  - Stand up front, introduce song and help lead the kids as they sing

 - opt. Suggest a new song [e.g. Colin Buchanan, Quizworx, Ben Bacula, Emu Music Kids, Sovereign Grace Music Kids]

 - opt. Explain meaning of lyrics or actions

 - opt. Use instruments [e.g. Guitar + Drums / getting kids to use shakers]


Memory Verse [5 min]

Throughout Week:

 - Familiarise yourself with the current memory verse + chosen translation (Check roster / contact co-ordinator if unsure)

 - Design a creative way to teach verse (Consider what stage the kids are at with learning it)

  1. Introducing (First few weeks)

    • Encourage Parents in church / newsletter / social media to be memorising with kids! 🔥

    • Explaining verse’s meaning / context (e.g. clarify any tricky words like ‘holy’ / ‘grace’ / ‘gospel’)

    • Get Kids to find verse in their bibles (best for older kids)

    • Take home craft (e.g. bookmarks / place mats / door hangers / wax & paint artworks / toilet posters / pillow cases / t-shirts)

    • Teach application (e.g. everyday situation where remembering this verse would be applicable) 🔥

    • Create Memory Verse Banner / Poster for term 🔥

  2. Memorising (Middle few weeks)

    • Gradually erase words

    • Rearrange the verse on slips of paper / Puzzle (potentially scattered around room / on kids backs / on duplo blocks)

    • Different accents (British, pirate, blocked nose, whisper, shout, slow-mo)

    • Singing / rap the memory verse (e.g. to pop song) 🔥

    • Find a word / Crossword / Hangman / Letter scramble / Secret Code sheets (use easy web generators)

    • Convert phonetically sounding words to memory verse (e.g. Wander Her Womb Hen = Wonder Women)

    • Creating actions or symbols (e.g. charades)

    • Buzz off

    • Chant off (Boys v Girls, Blue shirts v Green shirts)

    • Relay (e.g. Paper airplanes / hop across one word / words on egg & spoon)

    • Pass it on (Hot Potato / Timed writing one word each on sheet)

    • Spelling Bee

    • Whisper on the verse (could teach God's word always has truth if we mess it up!)

    • Get kids to correct mistakes in the verse written up on board (e.g. no vowels / spaces or heresies)🔥

    • Saying it Challenge (Get 10+ signatures during the week by saying verse to adults) 🔥

  3. Fun (Last few weeks)

    • Take home craft (e.g. bookmarks / place mats / door hangers / wax & paint artworks / toilet posters / pillow cases / t-shirts)

    • Pass the parcel

    • Older kids present memory verse to younger kids 🔥

    • Create memory verse from newspaper clippings 🔥

On Sunday:

  - Stand up front, introduce and lead memory verse segment


Bible Story [5 min]

Throughout Week:

 - Dig into passage to find one main point that summarises the text

 - Design the talk in an engaging way

 - Let the co-ordinator know if you need any slides / props

On Sunday:

 - Lead the teaching segment of the bible story

 - Bring in USB with any slides for the projector


Prayer [3 min]

Throughout Week:

 - Design a way help the kids learn about prayer

On Sunday:

 - Lead the prayer segment

 - opt. Model a prayer yourself

 - opt. Get a few volunteers to read out or create their own sensible prayers

 - opt. Teaspoon Prayer [Thanks, Sorry, Please] could use clinkers or dice to decide which one the kids prayer for.

 - opt. Pray the Newspaper [e.g. War Article = Prayer for War etc.]

 - opt. Explain Prayer from Bible [e.g. Lords Prayer, Psa 145:18, Pro 15:29, Mat 7:11, Luk 18:1, Phi 4:6, Col 4:2, 1 Thes 5:17, 1 Tim 2:8]

 - opt. Get everyone into circles to do one sentence prayers


Small Groups [15 min]

Throughout Week:

 - Dig into the passage

 - Design a method of explaining this for your kids learning style

On Sunday:

 - Spend time learning kids names and interests [relationships are so valuable]

 - Set expectations of behaviour [one person speaks at time, always follow instructions etc.]

 - Help reinforce the teaching of the passage & help the kids gain confidence in praying

 - opt. Use snake and ladders / penguin drop? as tool to help kids answer. One turn per correct answer.

 - opt. Use written questions that the kids need to write an answer.

 - opt. Ask the kids to summarise the talk in one sentence

 - opt. Get the kids to draw the passage.


Craft or Games [10 min]

Throughout Week:

 - Organise simple craft or games for kids

 - Pick an easy game for all ages and one that doesn't doesn't hype kids too much

 - opt. Session Games [e.g. Tree Surfboard Toilet, Murder Wink, Heads Down Thumbs Up, Heads & Tails]

 - opt. Big Games [e.g. Captain's Coming, Bull Rush, Chair Netball, Soccer, Stuck n the Mud, Tip, Fresher]

- Prepare any equipment or materials needed [check the kids cupboard the week before - there's heaps!]

 - opt. Craft [e.g. Colour In, Paddle Pop Stick Characters, Memory Verse Bookmarks] 

On Sunday:

 - Simply explain instructions

 - Make sure all kids feel engaged and safe throughout the activity